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How We Attained Academic Excellence - 10 First Class Grauates Revealed Their Secrets.

Most students are dreaming and searching for the secret(s) of achieving academic excellence. Congratulations as this compilation contains secrets of how 10 first class graduates among them overall best graduating students reveal how they got first class degree in their various fields.

Read, digest and more importantly apply the principles in your academic sojourn .

1.      1.  Don’t Have Any Girlfriend Or Boyfriend ( Romantic Friends)

“I have fond memories. I was the head of my final year planning committee for dinners, symposium, and was involved in a lot of other things. But I didn’t have a girlfriend.” -    Ayodele Daniel Dada, UNILAG’S Psychology Graduate (5.0 CGPA )


          2. Be A Die-Hard Lover Of Library.

‘Yea, I was a die-hard lover of the library. I remember I would joke about John Harris Library (The official UNIBEN library) being my second home and my best friend. I was one of those that wished the library operated overnight because that was one place I had serenity in terms of reading and understanding.” -   Lucky Michael, UNIBEN’s Mathematics Graduate ( 4.71 CGPA ).

1.      3. Read To Understand And As Well Read As If You Are Going To Teach Someone.

“Success requires a lot of hard work. I had a model that worked for me. I read to understand and I made sure I started early. I read as if I was going to teach someone, so I read in-between lines and I had a note where I summarized all I had read from different sources for each course, highlighting the important terms with red biro.”  -    Olomukoro Enameguono,  Covenant University’s Applied Biology and Biotechnology Graduate (CGPA of 4.96 ).

1.     4. Don’t Only Work Hard But Work Smart And Avoid Cramming. 

What is your advice to the current crop of undergraduates especially the fresh ones among them?

I implore them not just to work hard but work smart, prioritize understanding of every course over grades and avoid cramming at all cost even as you develop a habit of consistent studying.  -  

Ewetola Michael, Obafemi Awolowo University’s Mathematics Graduate (CGPA of 4.85  ).

1.      5.Put God First And Study Hard

“Samuel disclosed that he studied hard but also put God first and this he said is his little secret, while also advising students to strive for excellence.” -  Samuel Thompson Mba, University of Nigeria Nsukka’s Banking And Finance Graduate ( CGPA of 4.86 ).

6.   Make A Decision To Make First Class And Don’t Miss Any Lecture.

Having a first class in this kind of combined course may not have come easily; what did you do differently?

“I took a decision right before I entered school that I was going to graduate with a first class and I was determined to see it come to pass. It was very challenging but I thank God that all my efforts paid off. Beyond the determination, I tried as much as possible not to miss any lecture and it helped me to understand things better during my personal study time. At home, I formed personal notes on each course after thorough research on the various topics taught in class (my course mates always found these personal notes helpful as they perpetually requested for them prior to exams)” -  Valeen Ose, Delta State University’s Mathematics and Computer Science Graduate ( 4.60 CPGA ).

7.  Take Your 100 And 200 Levels Very Serious, Also Be Mindful Of The Company You Keep.
 What is your advice to students who want to attain excellence?

“Students should realize that their 100 and 200 levels are very crucial, because those are the formative years in the higher institution. A good start is crucial for an overall good performance. They should also put God first in everything they do, attend lectures regularly, never miss practical classes and be careful with the kind of company they keep. Hard work is a vital ingredient for academic excellence.” - Okpara Michael, FUTA’s Biochemistry Graduate ( 4.84 CGPA ).

8.      Make It A Goal To Read What You Are Taught In Class Before The End Of The Day.

You must have worked hard to be able to achieve such a feat. What was your reading schedule like?

"I didn’t have a definite reading schedule, but the number of hours I read was dependent on how busy my day was. However, I made it a goal to read whatever I was taught in class before the end of the day. I also believe in knowing something about everything as against knowing everything about something, even though knowing everything about everything is the best in medicine because half knowledge can be dangerous. So I make it a duty to read most of my course work whether we were taught or not. Thus, before any test or exam, I would have finished all my work. It is usually difficult to finish coursework in medicine but setting a goal makes it achievable and helps one to remain focused. I studied hard but I didn’t do all night reading." - Ojo Abimbola,  LAUTECH’s Best Graduate Student In Medicine and Surgery.

9.      Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses And Operate On That Knowledge.

What worked for you in your academics?

“If there was anything at all, it was the fact that I understood myself, particularly my strengths and weaknesses and I operated based on that knowledge. I could read anywhere, provided it was quiet. I assimilate slowly so I used to start reading as soon as lectures commenced so I could read my books several times. I’m an early riser so I used to wake up at 4am for devotion, and then read for some time in the morning. These were fairly constant in my daily activities, and then I attended fellowship many times a week. I didn’t have a specific number of hours for reading. I read for as long as I could and once I began to feel sleepy or experience signs of fatigue, I would go to sleep. I could persevere only when preparing for test or examination.” - Olowofoyeku Esther, FUNAAB’s Environmental Management and Toxicology Graduate (4.73 CGPA ).

10.  Take Counsel From  Lecturers And Role Models

You were the best student in your set, what was the secret?

When I got to school, I decided never to settle for anything less than A in all my courses, and that really helped me. I didn’t do anything special other than making good use of my time and with determination, I used to read before and after my lectures. I believed in myself that I could do it and I did it with the support of the Almighty God. I used to sleep for six hours daily and still maintained reading for minimum of six hours during the week and 10 hours on weekends. I used to take my course mates tutorial from 200 level through 400 level which helped to prepare me ahead, so I studied harder. Also, counsel from some of my lecturers and role models helped greatly. - Bolarinwa  Olawale, AAUA’s Physics and Electronics Graduate  ( 4.81 CGPA )

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